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Accelerant provides strategic guidance and technical expertise in the area of Insights & Analytics, Cloud, Enterprise Applications and Life Science Serves. We enable our clients to run optimally either on premise or on the cloud.

Insights & Analytics

Any organization’s ability to deliver above market results depend on understanding of its market and how well it can execute based on that understanding. Effective use of big data enables any organization to get deep understanding of its market, operations, and business drivers.


Simply put, cloud computing is computing based on internet. Cloud solution are optimal for businesses that deal with fluctuating demands.

Enterprise Applications

In order to compete in global markets, businesses today are dealing with complex network of customers, suppliers, partners and competitors. Regulatory and compliance requirements require consistency in business processes, while adhering to local laws. Enterprise applications enable businesses to do just that.

Life Sciences

Technological and scientific advances, regulatory requirement for digital health data and expanding emerging markets present a compelling opportunity in life sciences. Companies that will execute quick concept to commercialization of new ideas stand to benefit from this new opportunity.