Maximize Your OBIEE Investment

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Accelerant specializes in Oracle Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, and Data Mining. We help our customers unlock actionable information scattered across multiple systems. Our comprehensive approach provides strategic road-map, technical expertise, post-delivery support. Accelerant is OBIEE specialized Oracle Gold Partner.

We offer the following Oracle BI Solutions:


Accelerant’s Performance Diagnostics Dashboards helps analyze performance bottlenecks in your OBIEE environment. OBIEE is a multi-tiered environment and performance issues could be complex to diagnose. Performance Diagnostic Dashboard can pinpoint issues in various application stack.

There are many factors which impact reporting performance like hardware, networking, browser setting, various INIT parameters for application and DB server, data growth, partitioning, number of concurrent users and complexity of user initiated queries.

In less than a week, $5K customers get deep insightful dashboards


  • 50% discount off on Performance Package
  • Run database and server diagnostics
  • Caching optimization and tuning tips
  • Provide complete performance analysis and tuning
  • Quick turnaround time, as low as 2 weeks


With Accelerant’s Report Trustworthiness package both the businesses and IT can be confident that their reports and dashboards are reconciled. When it comes to BI, user confidence is everything. To maintain it, we ensure that every single report and dashboard will dependably continue to perform within acceptable performance benchmarks.

  • Compatible with all versions of OBIEE
  • Subscription based billing model
  • Supports most on premise or Cloud app sources


We are looking forward to improving your current or future Oracle BI solution. Contact us today to know about our free assessment.