Description of BICS Services

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Accelerant specializes in Oracle Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, and Data Mining. We help our customers unlock actionable information scattered across multiple systems. Our comprehensive approach provides strategic road-map, technical expertise, post-delivery support. Accelerant is Gold Partner with Oracle.

Description of BICS:

Business Intelligence Cloud Service is the first BI platform in the cloud that makes analytics available to everyone, from the work-group to the enterprise. BI Cloud Service empowers users of any skill level, from any department, to easily combine data from diverse sources and quickly create rich, interactive analytic applications and reports.

It provides more than just spreadsheets and pretty visuals. It’s based on market leading platform that empowers you to handle the entire analytics process quickly and easily.

Description of Services:

BICS is comprised of 2 main components and you can purchase these 2 types of service from Oracle.
1) Business Intelligence Server Service
2) Database Schema Service

Type 1: Business Intelligence Server Service

Below is the home page of Business Intelligence provided by Oracle. Here you can see different buttons/links provided.


1) VA Projects:  This is the link for Visual Analyzer. Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service Visual Analyzer is a web-based tool that enables you to explore Oracle analytics data visually and on an individual basis.
2) Dashboards:  You use analyses, projects, and dashboards to find the answers that you need from key business data displayed in graphical formats.
3) Analyses:  This is the link where you can create analyses used in dashboards.
4) Catalog:  This is the link where you store all your analyses, dashboards, Prompts etc.
5) Modeler:  Data Modeler enables you to model the data that is needed to produce analyses.
6) Console:  This takes you to BI Cloud Service console where you can maintain users & roles, connections, Sessions and Query cache, Issue SQLetc.
7) Academy:  This takes you to knowledge base of BICS.
8) Create:  This button is shortcut for creating prompts, filters, dashboards, actions etc.
9) Load:  This button takes you Apex App built to load data from flat files, csv files into Cloud database existing/new tables.

Type 2: Database Schema Service
BICS is bundled with Oracle Database Schema Service, a single-schema Oracle Database service with an Application Express (ApEx) front-end into which you store the data that BICS reports on.

Below is the home page of Database Schema Service provided by Oracle. ApEx is a rapid Web application development tool that lets you share data and create applications. Using only a Web browser and limited programming experience, you can develop and deploy applications that are fast and secure. 

BIS21) Application Builder:  Application developers use wizards to declaratively assemble applications organized by page.
2) SQL Workshop:  The SQL Workshop provides tools to view and manage database objects.
3) Team Development:  Team development facilitates the management of the application development process. Use this tool to track features, To Do tasks, milestones, and bugs.
4) Packaged Apps:   Packaged applications are a suite of business productivity applications, easily installed with only a few clicks. These solutions can be readily used as production applications to improve business processes and are fully supported by Oracle.