…Patients are waiting

‘Patients are waiting’ is a blog series where we intend to demonstrate how technological advances today will make a significant dent into global healthcare challenges of 21st century. Human population has grown exponentially in last 100 years. A quick analysis of the graph below shows that we have gone from less than 2 billion people in 1900 to more than 7 billion people today. That is 5 billion additional people in less than 125 years! During...
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Business Intelligence: Assess Your Organization’s Maturity (Article 1 of 2)

In a recent Gartner survey of CIOs, data and analytics remained one of the top priority for 2019, as it was in 2018. While all organizations have tried to implement such solutions, but the success of such implementations leaves much to be desired. Before your organization invests in any more new tools, or implementation, it is absolute necessary to understand the current state of affairs. In this series, we will talk about an objective way to measure...
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